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When I was expecting our first child, the Finnish State sent us a complimentary maternity package. As a French woman living in Finland, I highly appreciated that I could take advantage of this generous social benefit! The idea came to me to offer the same opportunity to families who are not living in Finland.

Laëtitia Malinen, Managing director, Lempäälä (near Tampere).

Becoming a parent is a big step in life. It’s always a little stressful.

Women gradually become moms with all the questions and concerns that it brings, and this at a time when it is important for her and her baby’s well-being to stay serene.

By buying the Nordic Birth Basket, you receive all the basic items you need during the first 10-12 months of your baby’s life. Not only do these items arrive at the same time and in a single box, but they are also delivered directly to your home (with the exception of some countries). You may use the box as a first crib and then as a suitcase or a even a toys box!

We have carefully chosen the maternity products in our kit. These products meet all strict European safety and quality standards for babies.


Buying these products separately in shops is more expensive than the price of the Nordic Birth Basket. We offer good prices as we get our products directly from factories, buying many products at once.

The Nordic Birth Basket’s mission is to help young parents to get the maternity products they need during the first 10-12 months of their baby’s life, regardless of the gender – and without stress.

The Nordic Birth Basket values the nutrition and education of children regardless of their country of residence. As a result we also support this incredible foundation monthly and we invite you to discover more about it here.

Nordic Birth Basket is a member of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises

We ship internationally (read page “shop” for details)

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Nordic Birth Basket
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