How was Nordic Birth Basket born?

When I was expecting our first child, the Finnish State sent us a complimentary maternity package. As a French woman living in Finland, I highly appreciated that I could take advantage of this generous social benefit! The idea came to me to offer the same opportunity to families who are not living in Finland.

Läetitia Malinen

Founder and CEO, Finland, Nordic Birth Basket

Our philosophy

The philosophy of Nordic Birth Basket is based on three strong Nordic values ​​we wish to convey to parents-to-be: sisu originated from Finland, hygge born in Denmark, and lagom coming from Sweden.

Finnish sisu

is conveyed through our fade-resistant, superior quality and robust items, striving for building self-confidence and more easily face the challenges of the new life with a newborn!

Danish hygge

is throughout our items which will ensure comfort and well-being to your new family. We have selected warm and soft garments in organic cotton and fine wool. These fabrics are especially made for both your newborn’s and your sensitive skin.

Swedish lagom

as we do believe that less is more. By purchasing all essential baby products for your newborn in a single baby box, rather than individual items, you save on unnecessary expenses!

Our NordicBB concept

Nordic Birth Basket was born in 2015 to allow expectant parents to simply and efficiently equip themselves to welcome their baby. You will receive one box containing all essential baby products to care for and pamper your baby in his first year.

Quality and authenticity

For our NordicBB boxes, we have selected comfortable, soft and robust garments in cotton and wool, mostly organic certified. Both Nordic design and know-how have been brought together in an outstanding starting kit for young parents. Our products are manufactured in Europe, are free from BPA & toxic chemical components, and meet all European safety standards.

We have carefully chosen our partners and only work with Nordic suppliers (Danish, Finnish and Swedish). They have made the choice to exclusively manufacture their products in Europe – some of them even have hand-made products. Pure designs, noble and solid materials and traditional know-how of these brands are therefore an integral part of our NordicBB boxes and our brand identity.

Our NordicBB boxes come in several versions to better meet your needs.

From mom to moms-to-be …
Laëtitia has been living in Finland for nearly 20 years. She was inspired by the famous Finnish maternity package, she received as all mothers covered by the Finnish social security institution. Laëtitia wished to make this Nordic concept available to all prospective parents around the World.

The Finnish maternity box is 80 years-old!

Originally conceived to fight a high infant and maternal mortality rate at the beginning of the forties, this maternity grant was first donated by the Finnish Social Security (KELA) to the most modest families before reaching all future parents, regardless of income.

The drastic decrease in death in Finland has shown that this measure has been effective. The sudden infant death rate in this Nordic country is nowadays among the lowest in the world.

Even today, this maternity box still ensures every Finn a good start in life.

Nordic Birth Basket has a big heart and does not look at borders.
We have partnered with several Finnish companies, which are also seeking to contribute to the sustainable development of future generations. 
The “Rural Heart Platform” was born (abbreviation, RHP).

Click on the image and learn more about the RHP.

Cette tenue LAMMAS, en laine mérinos, est composée d'un cardigan et d'un pantalon (baby pants).

De quoi garder bébé bien au chaud, tout en restant élégant pour les fêtes!

Cette tenue LAMMAS fait également partie…

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