The parenting Treasure Trove from the North: a wonderful gift or treat!


Are you expecting a baby

and starting to gather all the baby things you need for your newborn?

Are you organizing a babyshower

and looking for an original and useful quality present?

Do you already know the baby box

given to all expectant parents in Finland and do you wish to get yours?

Becoming a parent is a big step in life, a mixed feelings of both excitement and apprehension. Our NordicBB boxes have been designed to allow young parents to smoothly get ready for their new baby’s arrival.

Serenely enjoy your pregnancy and welcome your baby with peace of mind, thanks to Nordic Birth Basket.

Each box NordicBB endures due to its evolutionary concept!


for your getaways by car

Discover it here

First crib

for you little one

Discover it here

Maternity package

the starter kit for expectant parents

Discover it here

Toys box

and storage box

Discover it here

The Nordic Birth Basket has gathered your baby's necessities for the first months of his life in a single box!

This Birth Basket is multipurpose. It is your starting kit, your newborn’s first crib, a suitcase for your journeys and eventually a storage box for clothes or toys. Each NordicBB box remains with you for a long time due to its evolutionary concept!

Nordic Birth Basket is a maternity package which contains all essential baby products to give your child a good start in life!

a time tested crib

neutral colours to dress both baby boys and girls

soft and non-irritating materials to protect your toddler’s sensitive skin

evolutionary items and clothing that grow with your baby for several months

BPA and chemical -free products

The NordicBB babies

Free shipping and secure payment worldwide

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