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De-consumption and ecology at Nordic Birth Basket

Reducing consumerism: is it just a fashion? Not so sure … The trend seems to have been well underway for some years now. More and more people want to get back to basics, consuming less but better. The first motivation seems not economic but it is rather to...

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Is the baby box dangerous?

Is the baby box dangerous? The safety of the baby box has recently been questioned by several media. Is this criticism justified? Nordic Birth Basket enlightens you about this: 1- The maternity package is an element set up in the early 1940s in Finland, with the aim...

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Being a mom away from home

Being a mom away from home Last month, I posted an article (in French) written by Femme Expat “Having a baby far away from home“. This article made me think about my own experience that I would like to share now with you. I am an expatriate, who plans to...

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A Dentist’s Perspective…

OMG! Those very first baby teeth are coming out! You want to ensure they are well cleaned and your baby is hurting as the gums are working. You ask around for the tooth paste but more important is the cleaning brush. It should work on gums as well as the tiny teeth....

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Our supplier Joha: sustainable production for 50 years

JOHA: SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION FOR 50 YEARS! Our maternity packages mainly contain baby clothes from the Danish supplier JOHA. The company was established in 1963 with always the focus on sustainability. We have selected JOHA for the quality of their products and to...

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The 7 reasons why the NordicBB box is safe.

The 7 reasons why the NordicBB box is a safe first bed for babies Nordic Birth Basket offers a safe and allergic-friendly sleep to your newborn. 1- The NordicBB box is adapted to the size of a baby (from 0 to 5/6 months-old). Its dimensions are 70 x 43 x 27 cm. The...

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Giving birth abroad… twice!

In 2009, I became a mother. It was a long process which also marked the beginning of my new life in Finland. During my pregnancy, I visited a midwife affiliated with the district clinic where I had to go for a general check-up. I think the only time I met a doctor was...

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Sustainable products for the sustainable future

Sustainable products for the sustainable future Parenthood is not easy. We parents tend to strive for perfect parenthood and want self-evidently only the best for our babies. But providing the best for our babies is a truly challenging task. How on earth we know...

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A French mother’s testimony from Singapore

Singapore is a “kids-friendly” country: you’ll find all sorts of indoor and outdoor activities for kids and always in a very safe environment. Nevertheless, the fertility rate in Singapore is rather low at around 1.2 children per family. Why? Because having a baby and...

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Nous avons encore de la neige en Finlande, mais elle fond et les oiseaux ont même commencé à chanter.🐦
Le printemps est dans l'air et il nous apporte un sentiment d'optimisme et de régénération.🍀
#printemps #naissance #renouveau #nordicbb

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