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A Japanese mother’s testimony from Sendai

In Japan, the maternity-leave starts 6 weeks before the expecting date and ends 8 weeks after the birth. It is possible to take childcare leave until the child is 1 year old. In case, we cannot find a place at the nursery school, the childcare can be extended till the...

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An Italian mother’s testimony, who is living in Finland

There are several reasons to like the Finnish maternity package: first it is a place where your baby can sleep, and you can move it easily around the house – in the kitchen meanwhile you are cooking, in the garden for the outdoor morning nap, in the living room...

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FINLAND 100 and its family policy

At the beginning of the 19th century, Finland was a special Nordic country, being part of the Russian Empire from 1809 to 1917 as a Grand Duchy. It did not have its own independent parliamentary system. Finland, however, had developed its autonomous state with a...

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A Finnish granny’s testimony for the centenary of Finland

The upbringing of the children in the 40s and 50s was more severe than it is today. In general, life was also harder, especially for women, because the machines, like the washing machine we know today, were not yet in the homes to facilitate domestic work. In large...

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Six-week campaign to celebrate the centenary of Finland

« Together for a better start in life. » During the following six weeks, Finland will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its independence under the theme “together”. The maternity box, which celebrated its 80th birthday this year, is now an integral part...

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My testimony as a French woman, who gave birth in Finland

My testimony as a French woman, who gave birth in Finland. I became a mother in Finland more than 10 years ago. I had to face many challenges. Fortunately, all went well thanks to my pro-activeness. I decided not to use Shakespeare’s language for anything that...

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September is Baby Safety Month!

7 reasons why a NordicBB box is a must-have to keep your baby safe: 1) Our products are manufactured in Europe, are free from BPA & toxic chemical components, and meet all European safety standards. 2) The bed box is made of cardboard, entirely recyclable. 3) Our...

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«This is not a box»

Nordic Birth Basket has begun the school year with its campaign for the launch of its new website… « Ceci n’est pas une boîte », “This is not a box” in English… a NordicBB box is indeed much more than that. This Birth Basket is multipurpose. It is your starting kit,...

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Tenue Hygge, également présente dans notre NordicBB LUMI.

Encore une tenue bien chaude et élégante, en laine fine, pour le bien-être des tout-petits. à Nordic Birth Basket

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