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Midsummer in Finland

Midsummer is celebrated in the Nordic countries, especially in Finland, during the night between the 23th and 24th of June. “Juhannus” is a Christian tradition, which has become a pagan festival. It is a significant occasion that symbolizes the end of the...

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Food diversification with Nordic Birth Basket

Your baby grows and it is time to introduce solid food to him. It is a tremendous step in your baby’s development to switch from breastfeeding or bottle feeding to spoon. It is advisable not to start too soon to reduce the risk of allergies, but not to wait too...

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The 7 signs of Spring for NordicBB

Spring time – wake up time! At NordicBB, we have been also looking forward to the spring! Symbol of (re)birth, it has a special meaning under our latitudes, since it replaces the winter and its long period of darkness and of severe temperatures… Here are the...

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Do you know what “hygge” means?

Do like Nils and his parents: this weekend, enjoy the Danish lifestyle by adopting the hygge! Nordic Birth Basket (NordicBB) pampered her babies by promising them a totally new Nordic experience: the hygge. “Hygge” (pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah): all...

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How do Finns spend Christmas?

So nice to start our blog during the Season’s greetings! Do you happen to know that Santa Claus is from the Finnish Lapland, more precisely from Rovaniemi? He has even a village there that you can visit. A magic world for children…and parents!...

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Tenue Hygge, également présente dans notre NordicBB LUMI.

Encore une tenue bien chaude et élégante, en laine fine, pour le bien-être des tout-petits. à Nordic Birth Basket

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