A Dentist’s Perspective…

OMG! Those very first baby teeth are coming out!

You want to ensure they are well cleaned and your baby is hurting as the gums are working. You ask around for the tooth paste but more important is the cleaning brush. It should work on gums as well as the tiny teeth.

Our NordicBB box contains also the best baby tooth brush for this special occasion. BPA free of course!

We asked a certified dental hygienist, Riikka Nuutinen, how she likes this product that she knows so well.
• This is very easy and comfortable to use as you attach it to your own index finger and manoeuvre over the gums and teeth.
• It’s easy to clean afterwards and keep safe in its own container, for example when travelling.

Riikka uses the brush on her 1 year old daughter who has two teeth down, and sometimes aches in the gums as more teeth are growing. She is pleased that the brush allows her to keep cleaning when her daughter starts biting the brush or playing with it, and appreciates the soft silicon that does not damage the precious skin on gums and mouth.

We hope you enjoy your brush and develop an important, healthy lifetime routine with your baby or toddler.

Cette tenue LAMMAS, en laine mérinos, est composée d'un cardigan et d'un pantalon (baby pants).

De quoi garder bébé bien au chaud, tout en restant élégant pour les fêtes!

Cette tenue LAMMAS fait également partie… https://www.instagram.com/p/B4uBZPWF0cH/?igshid=1pgzqmbbjt0oy

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