A Swedish mother’s testimony, who gave birth both in Sweden and in Dubai

Being a Finnish Globe Trotter and a mother of two world citizens, I have often been asked the question: ”How was it to give birth abroad? Was it very different in Sweden than in Dubai?`”

Our first daughter was born in Ystad, in the most Southern parts of Sweden. The hospital was and still is a very popular place to give birth since they are known to embrace the ”natural way” of giving birth. I was not in a hurry, the hospital was not in hurry.

I was in labor from Wednesday morning until early hours of Saturday morning. Fore sure I met most of the midwives at the hospital, as I was between home and hospital on many occasions. They preferred to keep me home and relax as there was no point for me to wait that the miracle of birth would happen anytime soon (even I was SURE, I would give birth at any moment!).

Since I did not know what to expect, I was letting my body guide me. I did pregnancy yoga poses, I tried everything and in every possible position I could to get the kid out the ”natural way”. I know I was not far a way from C-section, but finally I managed to squeeze the baby out surrounded by the lovely and encouraging midwife and a doctor who was about to get ready to give me a cut.

After giving birth to the most cute ”button nose” little baby girl we stayed a the hospital for three nights, simply to learn the secrets of breastfeeding (oh boy, that was not easy). The hospital atmosphere was so relaxing. I met mothers who came in, gave birth and left six hours later, but I didn’t let that stress me out. I was there to learn the first steps of being a mother.

Three years later, again in April, it was time to give birth, but this time in Dubai.

There it is common, that the same doctor is with you from the very first steps of the pregnancy until the baby arrives. (Unlike I was used to, the midwife was only there to assist the doctor, preparing the mother, not more). Ultra scanning was done more often, more or less every time when visiting the doctor. Both me and the doctor agreed, that we would not do unnecessary scannings.

I chose a Swedish doctor, who I knew had been with my friends during their pregnancies. During the labour, we were such a bunch of nationalities in the same room. Me from Finland, my Danish husband, a midwife from South Africa and a nurse from the Philippines. The doctor was called in as the labour proceed (very fast this time). I arrived to the hospital around 8pm and already before midnight I was holding a blond haired baby girl in my arms.

Despite the fact that I had been taking care of drinking water and liquids, both me and the baby were badly dehydrated and needed extra liquids. It had been a hot spring, so this was nothing uncommon.

This time I stayed a the hospital only one night and checked out only very late the next evening after enjoying a five course menu. It felt like a luxury hotel, in a spacious private room. My husband and our three year old ”big sister” enjoyed the facilities of City Hospital at the Dubai Healthcare City as much as I did. -naturally since insurance was covering all the costs.

We gave home made cinnamon buns to our doctor as a token of appreciation. Being aware that she had earlier received a Tiffany´s bracelet and bags from Louis Vuitton as a present from her patients, we still kept our style, which we know she did appreciate.

Both of the times we chose not to find out the gender of the baby. We wanted to keep it is a surprise until the end- both times I guessed wrong 🙂

Hanna from TripsnKids

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