Being a mom away from home

Being a mom away from home

Last month, I posted an article (in French) written by Femme Expat “Having a baby far away from home“. This article made me think about my own experience that I would like to share now with you.

I am an expatriate, who plans to spend the rest of her life in Finland and who is married to a local man. When I gave birth to my children, my situation was slightly different from this woman in the article. After giving birth, I could not get any support from my own family (with the exception of the very first weeks), but fortunately my husband’s family was around. I was lucky enough to get along with my mother-in-law, who was a nanny by profession.

Even if we have the references from our country of origin, when we are a mother abroad, we have to realize that everything we have seen and learned in our country cannot all be applied in our expat country. Not only are the structures different, but also the advice received by the medical service is not the same. The advantage is to be able to choose between two ways of doing, according to our own feeling and believing. Most of the time, there is no good or bad way to look after and educate a baby. The most important is that your infant grows up well, in happy, safe and loving surroundings.

A maternity package, such as our NordicBB boxes , is a great help to start our new life as parents abroad, especially since the service is provided in English.

The difficulty we face when we take tips from both countries is some confusion from both families. We do our mishmash as we will also do with the different languages used between ourselves. People from outside have sometimes trouble following us! On the other hand, this is the strength of our family cocoon and the complicity between its members (parents & children).

Despite the years, our family from our country of origin remains loved and sacred, even if misunderstandings may arise because of the gap between our two worlds. Children, born in a country different from ours, often have a different vision of our country of origin. They have their own life and nowadays we can almost be sure they will renew their parents’ experience and live “abroad” at their turn. Nevertheless, it is good for all of us to remember the roots of our own history.

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