De-consumption and ecology at Nordic Birth Basket

Reducing consumerism: is it just a fashion? Not so sure … The trend seems to have been well underway for some years now. More and more people want to get back to basics, consuming less but better. The first motivation seems not economic but it is rather to refocus on the essential, on what matters to consumers. The accumulation of goods for the sake of accumulating them, living in opulence is today old-fashioned. Striking the right balance between the “neither too little” and the “not too much” is now what’s matter the most.

This state of mind of finding the right balance in our consumption is besides an integral part of the Swedish culture. There is even a word to designate it: lagom. This concept has been spread to some extent to its northern neighbors, including Finland and of course, Nordic Birth Basket.

When launching the maternity package, the Finnish state wanted to help new families by gathering the necessary items babies need during the first months of their life in one box, and thus, to reduce infant mortality. This measure was a real success, and in addition, it demonstrates again that a multitude of items is not necessary to properly welcome a new baby. Therefore, in parallel, this basic kit has also prevented new parents from buying unnecessary items.

The items in our Nordic BB boxes are high-quality, washing resistant and last long. Our evolutionary baby clothing fits on baby over several months. The box and its mattress serve as a first crib for the first few months with baby, and then as a toy box or storage box. And if you still decide to get rid of it, its cardboard is fully recyclable.

A mastered consumption also has a positive impact on the environment as it will tend to limit the waste, a sine qua non consequence for the well-being of our planet and future generations.

Cette tenue LAMMAS, en laine mérinos, est composée d'un cardigan et d'un pantalon (baby pants).

De quoi garder bébé bien au chaud, tout en restant élégant pour les fêtes!

Cette tenue LAMMAS fait également partie…

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