Giving birth abroad… twice!

In 2009, I became a mother. It was a long process which also marked the beginning of my new life in Finland. During my pregnancy, I visited a midwife affiliated with the district clinic where I had to go for a general check-up. I think the only time I met a doctor was once I did the nuchal translucency test (NT- test, which detects the Down syndrome) at the hospital in Espoo. Coming from the Italian system where you have your gynecologist who knows you and follows you during all the steps of pregnancy and birth, I have to admit that I felt bit confused, especially when comparing my friends’ story back home.

During that time, I also joined a birthing class, and I felt entirely lost due to the language barrier. Sometimes, I felt discouragement and despair because I was not able to understand some main issues and I was afraid I would never be ready enough for “the day”. Little by little, I became more confident thanks to several readings and my husband’s support who became my official translator.

I was six months pregnant when I received my Finnish maternity package from the state. Once I was going through all the lovely baby products, I was happy to admit that the Finns really know how to impress people if they want. Lots of carefully selected outfits, toys, towels and other necessities were there. Using the sample of the box, it was easier to pack the bag for the hospital.

The day I gave birth, it was confusing and I was exhausted. I visited the hospital twice before being hospitalized. Midwives, at the hospital, kept telling me it was too early, even if I was still in lots of pain. I went home, took a shower, relaxed a bit and back to the hospital again. Finally, I got a room where I made a hot bath and used the laughing gas to relieve pain. After 15h of labor, my son was born. Tears of happiness rolled down both our eyes. We were finally parents and our baby was safe and healthy.

My second son was born in Dubai a few years later. Giving birth in UAE was a different experience. This time I felt more confident and probably mature enough to handle the situation.

Since day one, I was free to choose the doctor and the hospital I wanted and set up a plan considering the insurance coverage I had. This time, I opted for a gynecologist, a lovely Danish lady, who truly believed in natural birth practices and who explained me in details all I needed to know. She was working in a small clinic, but she had all we needed, even a 4D ultrasound scanner which allowed taking pictures and videos of the baby when needed.

The fact, I had my doctor, helped me to relax during all processes. Even when I was traveling abroad, and I felt strange pain, she was always reachable and happy to help. Even a simple message was enough to reassure my doubts.

Once my due date was close, I also visited the hospital, to accurately know where to go once I would have been in labor. The hospital was shining and clean like a five stars hotel. The maternity ward was located in a private floor. Rooms were comfortable and furnished with Flat-screen TVs, mini fridges, a private bathroom and there was an option for an all-day dining menu. The medical staff was supportive and friendly.

When I got into labor, my doctor reached me at the hospital in the middle of the night. In the beginning, I started relaxing in a birthing pool.  She supported me psychologically and physically. I will always remember her kind words of encouragement. She massaged my forehead and shoulders while telling me all sweet stories about how she gave births before. I was laughing and crying, and suddenly, I felt relieved. A few hours later, my “little monkey” was born. We stayed in the hospital only for one night, and the next day, after the first pediatric visit, we were ready to start a life as a family of four. 

Vanja, a traveling Italian mom

Cette tenue LAMMAS, en laine mérinos, est composée d'un cardigan et d'un pantalon (baby pants).

De quoi garder bébé bien au chaud, tout en restant élégant pour les fêtes!

Cette tenue LAMMAS fait également partie…

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