Is the baby box dangerous?

Is the baby box dangerous?

The safety of the baby box has recently been questioned by several media. Is this criticism justified?

Nordic Birth Basket enlightens you about this:

1- The maternity package is an element set up in the early 1940s in Finland, with the aim of reducing the infant mortality rate. At that time, living conditions were precarious for many families.

2- In a baby box, the newborn has its own hygienic environment. The box is adapted to the size of a newborn so that he does not feel lost like in a big bed.

3- This baby box encourages young parents not to put their baby onto their bed to sleep and thus helps prevent choking accidents.

4- The cardboard is exclusively made of safe materials. The mattress, made of foam, perfectly covers the bottom of the box and meets the safety criteria for its firmness and hygiene.

It is worth mentioning that the majority of the Finns have used the baby box as the first bed for their newborn since it has existed (80 years!) and not a single case of infant mortality has been linked to the use of the baby box.

By respecting a few basic principles, the baby box is therefore a suitable bed for the first months of a new baby. Recommendations include avoid putting it on a piece of furniture or near a heat source, and refraining from closing the lid when the infant is inside.

Do you have questions about the proper use of the Finnish maternity package? Nordic Birth Basket answers you, contact us for more information or read our blog and discover the NordicBB box.

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