Our supplier Joha: sustainable production for 50 years


Our maternity packages mainly contain baby clothes from the Danish supplier JOHA. The company was established in 1963 with always the focus on sustainability. We have selected JOHA for the quality of their products and to give you the opportunity to test fine wool, organic cotton and cotton and discover which fabric suits your new baby the best. Each baby has sensitive skin and needs quality clothes, but each baby is also unique. Each mum needs to test what is the best for their little one.


Wool has an amazing ability to absorb moisture and will keep your child dry, protecting the health and well-being of the little ones.

With its isolating qualities wool naturally regulates the body temperature – nice and warm when it’s chilly and cooling on the body when it’s hot. Ideal for both winter and summer.

Wool absorbs the body’s perspired moisture and can absorb up to 40% of its own weight. Cotton in comparison only absorbs 8%.

According to recent research in the sleep patterns of infants it’s documented that babies sleeping on wool are calmer compared to babies sleeping on cotton. 67% of the babies sleeping on cotton woke up crying compared to 30% of the babies sleeping on wool.  Source: Woolmark & University of Sydney – Australia

Joha ‘s fine Wool comes from South Africa and is woven in Germany.


All JOHA cotton styles are of the highest quality. JOHA also has an entire collection made of 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Instead natural fertilizers from livestock are used. At harvest no defoliants are sprayed, because the cotton is mainly picked by hand, not by machines. This impacts the people working in the cotton fields and the environment significantly less, and ensures that the cotton does not contain residue of harmful chemicals.

Joha’s cotton comes from different part of Europe, for example Greece.

With 100% cotton on the inside and 100% merino wool on the outside babies with sensitive skin can enjoy the unique qualities of wool too.


Joha prioritizes environmentally responsible production methods and was one of the first Danish businesses approved to use the EU ECOLABEL. The purpose of the Ecolabelling is to minimize the environment and our health from products and services. The setting of criteria is based on an assessment of impacts during the whole life-cycle all way from raw material to production, consumption and waste.

JOHA has also the Woolmark label, which is one of the most renowned textiles certificates in the world. Products carrying this label are tested to meet the strict standards of The Woolmark Company. That means you are guaranteed the best quality and the purest wool.

Most recently JOHA got the “Animal Welfare” certificate.

Select the unisex NordicBB box, kits and outfits for their soft and skin-friendly baby fabrics.

Cette tenue LAMMAS, en laine mérinos, est composée d'un cardigan et d'un pantalon (baby pants).

De quoi garder bébé bien au chaud, tout en restant élégant pour les fêtes!

Cette tenue LAMMAS fait également partie… https://www.instagram.com/p/B4uBZPWF0cH/?igshid=1pgzqmbbjt0oy

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